Types of headaches: Understanding various types and acting on them!


‘’Every head has its own headache!’’

Have you been facing some really tumultuous headache in present times? Is the daily workload taking a toll on your body? Well, time to diagnose as to what types of headaches you are having and how to deal with each of them!

When speaking in medical terminology, headache is an inflammation of one side of the head for a particular period of time. There are multiple reasons that can cause this headache, with stress levels, cold and lack of a proper schedule being some of the most important ones.

Various types of headaches those are prevalent:

  • Sinus headache:

This is caused due to inflammation of sinus due to any infection. Being repetitive in nature, affected people are aware of its occurrence.

  • Tension headache:

Have you been sitting up late at night and completing your office project? Well, those extra cups of coffee, simply made your ‘think tank’ all the more depressed culminating it into a tension headache.

  • Migraine headache:

Here is the most important and in present times one of the prevalent headaches in the Indian domain. As per recent data circulated for the year 2015, close to 20% women especially in rural areas of the country have been suffering from this problem.

Given the increasing presence of a migraine in India, it is imperative to check out what are its various types.

Categories of migraine headaches:

Though, there are  certain types of headaches as mentioned above, that can be quite disabling for an individual, however, migraine is surely the most important one.

  • Ocular type: This is associated with loss of vision for some period, along with flashes of light being experienced by the person affected.
  • Status migraine: As per Indian medical statistics, this is the usual pain that is faced by most of the people wherein, thepain stays for a period of 4-72 hours at a stretch or reverts in cycles. This can be presented along with an aura or can be a sudden attack.

How to reduce the effects of these headaches?

In case of general headaches, a proper diet plan along with a daily schedule and regular exercise is required.

While dealing with a migraine, it is important to deal with it at two levels –

  • First, it has to be aborted at an initial stage.
  • Secondly, prophylactic therapies can be taken.

Presently, Botox treatment also has shown quite an improvement in this case. Also, regular diet plan and exercise and yoga routine should be followed.

As per recent data presented by the Indian Medical Association, close to 57% individuals get actual migraine attack in their lifetime.