Using Tarot for Guidance

by Charmaine Frapp

Many individuals believe that we, the collective human whole, are destined to awaken to our true purpose. We find ourselves searching for alternative methods in which to explore the vast complexities of life, trying to discern understanding in some way of the true mess we, as a planetary family, have created for ourselves and what it is that we individually and collectively can do to help make a positive difference in the world.

The Tarot is one of many methods that people tend to navigate towards. However, they usually just think it’s simply a means to receive guidance during times of confusion and uncertainty. What they usually don’t consider is the fact that the process of yearning to know something will propel that person into a great in-depth learning and their lives begin to change.

When a person is seeking to know themself, their true divine essence or spirit, they are seeking transformation within their lives and self in order to know that part within the shadows that truly has been hidden from the world. That part of ourselves that is more than a body and mind, our spiritual essence; our truest form a bright shining body of light and energy. In order for you to know that part of yourself, you must become that part of yourself through a process of self-discovery.
The Tarot will support you along the way in steering you through the winds of change that blow your way upon the path of life. These changes are not to be feared; although sometimes they may seem very scary. Have faith and trust that even in these confusing times, there is a purpose to the seeming madness.
At some point in your life, you were drawn to the Tarot. Perhaps out of curiosity or with the intent to seek guidance or even become a Tarot reader yourself because you thought it might be cool. The Tarot is far more than just regular everyday playing cards. They are a powerful divination tool that should be respected and considered sacred to you personally. In other words, what you put into it basically is what you’ll get out of it.
If all you want to do is pull a card here and there, that’s okay it will work for you in whatever way you want it to. But if you want to step into your true power as an individual seeking to know their innate gifts, abilities and purpose in life then set forth your intentions and utilize the Tarot for its true purpose – A Path to Self-Discovery.
Look within your life and find the patterns, cycles, events and inexplicable pieces of the puzzle that make up your life and see the fine thin woven thread that interconnects everything you’ve ever experienced. Look at the cards, find yourself and those circumstances within them. Look for your own path of understanding to reveal itself. Slip between the veil and see through the illusions in order to truly find understanding in your life and get in touch with the real you, that voice within that knows there is more than meets the eye!